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  • DDlg Forum was created not only for the celebration and promotion of DDlg but all of those in the community and lifestyle no matter their roles. We support and value MDlb, DDlb, MDlg, as well as CGl, and lets not forget our middles and switches. All are welcome here. 

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  • DDLG Community is a website for likeminded people to discuss whatever they like! Make new friends, speak your mind, and have fun!

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  • Join our free dating site for AB, TB, CGL, CGLre, DDLB, DDLG, MDLB, MDLG, ageplayers, babyfur, littlefur, and other age regressors (and those who love them).

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  • I Am New To Ddlg. See More ». 191 people following. I Am New To Ddlg. Personal Stories, Advice, and Support. Content Rating: Non-Adult. Forum Members Mute/ ...

  • Personal Stories, Advice, and Support - I Am New To Ddlg

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  • Aug 19, 2016 · Ddlg is a harmless type of relationship, where the man takes on the role of the caregiver and the female takes on the role of the princess who ...

  • Before you ask what it means, it stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl. Kinda like a girl and her sugar daddy. He provides for her. I used to follow this youtuber (who shall not be named unless you ask) who posted mostly sewing and craft videos. Then, recently she posted vlogs and stuff and as a viewer, I discovered that she's in a DDLG relationship. And boyyyyyyyy, I am grossed out. Lots of underaged girls probably follow this channel and watch her sh*t and will be influenced. So yeah, I felt uncomfortable. Mostly because, she's Chinese and looks like she's 14 when she's actually 24 but when she tries to be sexy, it just feels like she's sexualizing children. And another youtuber (that I still follow) had a storytime video where she talked about going to a Disney store and how she saw a DDLG couple flirt in public. The video is super controversial and lots of debates are happening in the comments section. What are your thoughts on this topic? Discuss and share stories.

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  • Mar 17, 2018 · Ddlg Forums - Ask an expert about ddlg.

  • Ddlg Forums - Ask an expert about ddlg

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  • Personal Stories, Advice, and Support - I Ddlg.

  • Personal Stories, Advice, and Support - I Ddlg

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  • Apr 30, 2022 · Forum · Introductions · DDLG Place · Dating / Looking For: · Entertainment · Website. Join the community. DDLG BDSM Brat Gaming. icon 3; icon 1 ...

  • Hello! If you’re here. You know what DDLG is, or at least have some knowledge of it. Maybe you’re here looking for some DDLG friends? Over the last year or so, it’s been difficult to find a community. One that was private, welcoming, and everyone was free to be whoever they wanted to be. DDLGContinue reading

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