Cute Spring Outfits You Can Wear To Work Confidently | Cute Outfits (2024)

It’s time to revamp your closet with new cute spring outfits for work. Mix and match, add colors, or rock the basics to be the ultimate fashionista at work.

*2020 UPDATE* We know a lot of you are working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic (hey, we are too!) But that’s not stopping us from being extra cute and stylish as we work from our home offices (or kitchen counter). Feeling stylish helps us feel focused, and we hope it helps you too!

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23 Cute Spring Outfits for Women for a Fabulous Workday

If you’re ready to conquer the world in style, it’s time to browse our cute spring outfits lineup below.

The key is to invest in the right staple pieces and a few easy-to-match fashion items that will go well with your bags, accessories, and shoes. The idea of day-to-evening outfits, like navy spring dresses, is smart and highly recommended for girl bosses.

1. Blazer

Layering is something you’ll see in a lot of classic spring attires, even if you’re picking work outfits. It’s the perfect time to bring out your statement blazers!

Boxy blazers are so on trend this season. Juxtapose this structured piece with a flowy skirt and you’ve got yourself a runway-worthy office outfit!

Tip: Complete your look by throwing on a pair of knee-high boots.

2. Color-Popping Skinny Belt


A gingham shirt and a pair of dark Sloan (ankle) pants are some of the safest choices for spring office outfits, but they can also be boring. Add a dash of color by wearing a skinny yellow belt and say hello to spring.

3. Printed Green Dress

One of my favorite green dress outfit ideas for spring! This dress paired with a leather jacket is rugged and sophisticated at the same time.

Look at how they blend so well. This combo also gives you the perfect excuse to take advantage of the printed green dress gives, so you can still feel empowered and sexy.

4. Pinstripe Beauty


Pinstripes are always in during springtime, but rather than wear them as suits and pants, how about an asymmetrical skirt to give your look a more textured layer?

Don on a pair of loafers and a kimono or silk (or this DIY off-shoulder) top, and you’ll look as chic as you feel.

5. Warm in Pink Cardigan

One of the easiest casual and cute spring outfits you can wear to work is a gray top, skinny jeans, and a pink cardigan. This outfit will help you beat the chilly air of early spring.

The layered necklaces add another dimension to this almost-monochromatic outfit. But if you find this all too common, then polish off the look with slider sneakers or chambray shoes.

6. Breathable Chambray


Uno-dos-chambray! I love chambrays because they make an awesome alternative to denim, especially when summer is about to come in.

What is chambray? It’s a type of lightweight fabric. It can look like denim, but it’s more flexible.

They’re more lightweight and breathable and give just enough edge to the rest of your clothing like this floral jumpsuit. You can also use it as a top for work.

Just make sure to balance out the look with feminine bottoms. You can try pairing it with a pencil cut skirt or white skinny jeans.

7. Spring Work Athleisure

Putting on a comfortable work outfit for spring doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Dressing down your polyesters and cotton with white sneakers and a matching cap will help you get things done while looking fab.

8. Charming Eyelet Bell Top


A white eyelet bell top with a pair of denim high-waisted jeans is how you go casual this spring. It’s airy and charming—just perfect for running work errands.

Throw on a blazer and this look is totally work-appropriate! Just make sure you wear a modest camisole if it’s sheer all over.

9. The Palazzos

Palazzo pants are made from light fabrics perfect for warmer weather. The “flowiness” and loose fit help define your center and add volume to your lower half.

Just make sure to pair them with a slightly fitted top, like ribbed short sleeves.

10. Dainty in Color


One of the lovely cute spring outfits on this list is this multi-colored pleated maxi dress. It lets you stand out among the florals.

Tip: Complementing it with a boyfriend blazer makes it one of your staple day-to-evening outfits too!

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11. Easy Jumper

A light-colored jumper or sweater is an easy fix for when you’re running late to work. Put it on with a pair of skinny jeans and heels, and you’re good to go.

12. Belted Shawl


Can you still feel the last blows of winter? Make your shawl a part of your springtime look at work by wearing a leather belt over it.

13. Classy Little Black Dress

Wear an LBD this spring and at your workplace at that. This look is classic, classy, and timeless.

You can never go wrong with this. If your LBD is showing off more than you would like, layer on a cardigan or a shirt under.

Then when you’re ready to party after work, just strip it back down to all it’s LBD glory! Don’t forget to pack a sexy pair of heels that you can change into when you clock out.

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14. Stylish in All-White


Show off your radiant glow with an all-white ensemble! It looks clean and sleek and gives you a lot of room to play with style.

It’s also so easy to make this ravishing. Just a few trendy accessories and some pointy shoes, and voila! Gorgeous!

15. The Comfy Paperbag Pants

These bottom wear may be tricky to style but they’re going to be your faves once you nail down the rules: tucked in form-fitting tops and open-toe heels.

16. Basic in a Tee


A basic graphic tee matched with a midi skirt, Sloan pants, fitted jeans, or trousers makes your style breezy and comfortable. It’s also one of the easy-peasy cute spring outfits you can wear.

Tip: To make this outfit more work appropriate, pair it with a pair of heels. You can go for kitten heels, Mary Janes, or ankle boots.

17. Shades of Nude

Layering the different shades of beige and brown is a way to toy with the colors of spring without going over the top. Use a pop of white or link pink to complement your ensemble.

18. Layering with Summer Dresses


Break the rules a little and bring out your summer dresses early this year. You don’t have to wait for warmer weather before you can enjoy your fun and comfy summer prints.

By adding the right layers, you can use summer dresses during spring. You can add layers over or under your summer dress.

Try wearing a ballet stretch bodysuit under it. If you’re looking for top layers, a blazer or cardigan will work well too.

Tip: Don’t forget to throw on a scarf. Spring fashion is all about scarves this year.

19. Work the Houndstooth

Using the houndstooth print as your point for your cute spring outfits is a way to turn heads at work. Wear it on top of a white or nude base so it really pops.

20. Edgy Moto Jacket


Moto jackets are so in, and what better way to wear them in spring than to go for pink! Look girly but still sexy by donning it with a floral dress, a silk top, and A-line skirt, or a basic tee with skinny jeans.

21. Lovely Navy Blue

While spring is about pastel and pink, navy blue is the perfect color too. You will love it once you get to wear this beautiful navy business attire for women.

Tip: Go full-on navy with a pair of dark blue strappy heels.

22. Pastel Pants


Spring is the perfect time to work in some pastel in your everyday outfit. You can wear a pastel blouse or add pastel accessories, but pastel trousers are just so chic!

Peach or mint trousers can add a refreshing touch to your outfit. You can keep it light and pair it with a white or nude top creating an almost-monochromatic look.

But you can go in the opposite direction and wear dark tops. A black top pops like crazy against pastel pants.

Tip: If it gets too chilly outside, top off your outfit with a sweater. A grey sweater goes really well with pastel-colored pants.

23. Spring Up the White Button-Down


A white button-down long-sleeve shirt is a wardrobe staple every woman should have in her closet. It’s a non-negotiable.

Why? This classic piece is so easy to style and you can take it from the boardroom to the sidewalk in a snap.

You can definitely pair this piece with skinny jeans and some pumps. But this spring, pair your favorite crisp button-down shirt with something unexpected like a maxi skirt.

Tip: Make your look more interesting by adding a body contouring turtle neck under your button-down shirt. Bonus points if you can match your turtle neck with your skirt.

Are you ready for spring? I bet you’ll be when you have these cute spring outfits to wear to work.

They can help you feel confident, sexy, empowered, and fun especially when the job becomes a drag (ugh!). Just don’t forget the best pair for any dress is your charm, wit, and daringness to dream.

Go for gold! And don’t forget to share your OOTD with us!

What are your favorite cute spring outfits at work? Share your photos and where to shop them in the comments section below!


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Cute Spring Outfits for Work

The article discusses various cute spring outfits that can be worn to work. It emphasizes the importance of investing in staple pieces and easy-to-match fashion items to create stylish and fashionable looks. The outfits mentioned in the article include:

  1. Blazer: Layering is a popular trend for spring outfits, and a statement blazer can be paired with a flowy skirt for a runway-worthy office outfit.

  2. Color-Popping Skinny Belt: To add a dash of color to spring office outfits, a skinny yellow belt can be worn with a gingham shirt and dark pants.

  3. Printed Green Dress: Pairing a green dress with a leather jacket creates a rugged and sophisticated look. The printed dress adds an empowering and sexy touch.

  4. Pinstripe Beauty: Instead of wearing pinstripes as suits and pants, an asymmetrical skirt can be chosen to add texture to the outfit. Pair it with loafers and a kimono or silk top for a chic look.

  5. Warm in Pink Cardigan: A gray top, skinny jeans, and a pink cardigan create a casual and cute spring outfit for work. Layered necklaces can add dimension to the outfit.

  6. Breathable Chambray: Chambray, a lightweight fabric similar to denim, can be used as an alternative to denim for a more flexible and breathable look. It can be paired with a floral jumpsuit or used as a top for work.

  7. Spring Work Athleisure: Comfortable work outfits can still be stylish by dressing down polyester and cotton with white sneakers and a matching cap.

  8. Charming Eyelet Bell Top: A white eyelet bell top paired with denim high-waisted jeans creates an airy and charming casual spring outfit. Adding a blazer makes it work-appropriate.

  9. The Palazzos: Palazzo pants made from light fabrics are perfect for warmer weather. Pair them with a slightly fitted top, such as ribbed short sleeves.

  10. Dainty in Color: A multi-colored pleated maxi dress can make a statement among floral prints. Complement it with a boyfriend blazer for a staple day-to-evening outfit.

These are just a few examples of the cute spring outfits discussed in the article. The author encourages readers to experiment with different styles and accessories to create unique and personalized looks.

Cute Spring Outfits You Can Wear To Work Confidently | Cute Outfits (2024)
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