CASETiFY brings Iron Man's iconic red and gold design to new iPhone 15 and AirPods cases (2024)

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CASETiFY is back with its latest Marvel collaboration. Soon, you’ll be able to don your iPhone and other Apple accessories with all of the chromed and mechanical designs of everyone’s favorite billionaire playboy philanthropist. Tony Start is getting the CASETiFY treatment with a collection of new iPhone 15 Iron Man cases.

While anime and manga series have been stealing the spotlight in the world of CASETiFY and its collaborations, Marvel tie-ins have been creeping in, too. Last year, the company launched a whole lineup of Spider-Man covers and accessories, and now the same approach is being applied to another Avenger.

Now it’s Tony Start’s turn.

The upcoming CASETiFY Iron Man cases will be launching later this month and give all of the company’s signature cases some fun new looks inspired by the red and gold suit of robotic armor. There are several distinct designs, but also a few different colorways for some of them. Each one is a bit more creative than just slapping Stark’s superhero identity onto the back of your iPhone and includes different designs like blueprints from Tony’s workshop, Arc Reactors, and some novel silhouette styles.

The approach this time around is largely the same that we’ve seen from previous collaborations. CASETiFY is taking its usual roster of cases and just applying some unique decals and patterns to the designs. Each of the actual form-factors are largely just what we’ve seen before. There are models with and without MagSafe, more basic clear cases, covers like the Bounce Ultra that really steps up the level of protection, and everything in between. The company already has such a well-rounded assortment of designs, so it’s just leveraging that again.

There’s, of course, more than just iPhone 15 cases, too. Previous-generation handsets in the Apple stable are also getting in on the Marvel action this time around, as are some of the more recent Android smartphones. Tons of other Apple accessories will be launching in the collaboration, like chargers, iPad covers, and more. Everything starts at $38 and goes up from there.

By far my favorite release in the new Iron Man CASETiFY collection is giving the iconic superhero helment some love as an AirPods case. I have been writing home about just how much I love the company’s unique earbuds covers, the CASETiFY is back again to have even more fun. The new cover recreates the Iron Man helmet with a chrome finish and light up eyes. It will retail for $122 when it launches alongside the rest of the iPhone 15 and Android cases.

CASETiFY’s latest collection launches February 15

The new CASETiFY Iron Man collection will be officially hitting store shelves later this month on February 15. Ahead of that, though, you can head over to theofficial online storefrontand put your name on the waitlist in order to score some early access to the lineup.

As usual with these limited-edition collaborations, once the cases sell out, they’re gone. At least for the launch. We did recently see CASETiFY give its Evangelion Co-Lab a second life by bringing its cases over to thenew iPhone 15 series smartphonesafter it originally launched for the iPhone 14. But other than that, anyone looking to score one of the new accessories should act fast.

CASETiFY brings Iron Man's iconic red and gold design to new iPhone 15 and AirPods cases (7)
CASETiFY brings Iron Man's iconic red and gold design to new iPhone 15 and AirPods cases (8)
CASETiFY brings Iron Man's iconic red and gold design to new iPhone 15 and AirPods cases (9)

Many of the original Spider-Man covers that launched last year are however still available. So there’s a good chance that Disney could be encouraging CASETiFY to keep its Marvel collaborations in stock for longer than the more limited-run gear. But that likely won’t apply to that amazing Iron Man AirPods Pro case.

Otherwise, you can just go check out everything on the landing page onCASETiFY’s official site.

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CASETiFY brings Iron Man's iconic red and gold design to new iPhone 15 and AirPods cases (2024)
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