A few area favorites fail health inspections for the week of October 5-11 (2024)

Thu, 23 Oct 2014 20:07:16 GMT — A few popular Onondaga County restaurants failed health inspections for the week of October 5-11.

Appethaizing, 727 South Crouse Avenue, Syracuse

-Containers of raw chicken and raw hamburger stored on and next to ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler (corrected).

-Container of chicken with broth noted stored on floor. Food items in dry storage area and buckets of food in walk-in cooler stored on floor.

-Rice scoops at front counter stored in standing water, noted at 103F.

-Clean sanitized glasses stored on wax paper at soda machine, not a smooth and easily cleanable surface.

-Employees noted consuming food and beverages in food preparation areas.

-Dishes not properly air-dried before stacking.

-Exterior of trash receptacles and exterior of microwave oven not clean.

-Preparation sink near hand sink not draining properly.

-Floor edges throughout kitchen and dining room not clean. Floors in kitchen, walls throughout establishment, vents and ceiling areas around vents all not clean.

-Light in dry storage hall lacks shield. Light shield in storage area noted in poor repair. Exhaust fans in both toilet rooms not clean.

Cicero Falcons Football Concession Stand, Central Park, Route 31, Cicero

-Shelving throughout facility, exterior of hanging circulation fan, fan guard in sliding-door reach-in cooler, door tracks on sliding-door cooler and interior of refrigerator all not clean.

-Establishment noted open and operating without hot water.

-Floors throughout establishment and some wall areas not clean.

CJâ??s Seafoods, 2012 Teall Avenue, Salina

-Tartar sauce in single-door upright cooler in front room noted at 49F (corrected).

-Single-door upright cooler in front room not operating properly to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45F (corrected).

Dennyâ??s, 7873 Brewerton Road, Cicero

-Bucket of sanitizing solution stored on preparation table in kitchen (corrected).

-Sliced tomatoes stored in preparation top cooler across from cook line noted at 56F (corrected). Diced and sliced tomatoes, liquid eggs and egg whites stored in preparation top cooler next to cook line noted between 50F-64F (corrected).

-Air circulation fan at cook line, exterior and interior of all coolers at cook line, exterior of cooking equipment and area under flat top grill not clean. Interior of storage cupboards and interior and exterior of cupboard doors at waitress area not clean. Exterior of pans not clean, residue noted.

-Floors throughout establishment, floor edges under and behind all equipment, floors in walk-in freezer, floor drain by dish machine and walls at cook line all not clean.

Dominickâ??s Restaurant, 1370 Burnet Avenue, Syracuse

-Spray bottles of chemicals stored next to baked potatoes on bottom shelf in kitchen (corrected).

-Deli turkey noted between 50F-51F (voluntarily discarded).

-Two containers of chowder stored in walk-in cooler noted cooling in containers with depth greater than four inches, noted at 113F.

-Chicken riggies stored on stove noted between 118F-127F (corrected).

-Containers of service ice at waitress station not stored protected.

-Sliding-door salad cooler lacks thermometer.

-Ice machine in rear kitchen not clean.

-Exterior of bulk salt container, door tracks of dessert cooler at front counter, fan guards in reach-in salad cooler and screen door in basem*nt all not clean. Dessert cooler at front counter noted leaking onto floor.

-Hand wash sink in rear kitchen not operable.

-Some floor areas under equipment in basem*nt and floor behind and under ice machine not clean.

Fratelliâ??s Restaurant Pizza & Deli, 9633 Brewerton Road, Cicero

-Raw beef stored above ready-to-eat foods in upright refrigerator (corrected).

-Cooked potatoes, cooked meat loaf and mashed potatoes stored on preparation table in kitchen noted between 67F and 93F (voluntarily discarded).

-Pans of cooked sausage stored in preparation top cooler noted double stacked without hard covers. Wooden bowl used in cooked potatoes lacks handle.

-Spoon used in cooked potatoes in walk-in cooler stored with handle touching product.

-Meat slicer, knife stored on magnetic holder and bulk can opener all not clean. Utensils used for pizza making not stored clean.

-Wire shelving at cook line, upper interior of microwave oven and wire shelving in pizza preparation cooler all not clean.

-Floor under cook line and floor in walk-in cooler not clean.

-Kitchen exhaust fan and floor fan in rear kitchen not clean.

Indian Tandoor, 232 Harrison Street, Syracuse

-Raw chicken stored on counter in kitchen noted at 58F (corrected).

-Some cans of pineapple stored on floor in dry goods storage closet.

-Aluminum foil noted lining shelving in kitchen, not smooth and easily cleanable.

-Bulk can opener and interior of refrigerator in kitchen not clean.

-Exterior of refrigerator in kitchen not clean.

-Mouse droppings noted along some floor edges and in corners of dry goods storage closet.

Mattydale Vikings Pop Warner, Burnham Park, Salina

-Floor drain in back storage room noted backing up onto floor (corrected).

-Cooking oil stored on floor in back storage room (corrected).

-Doors and handles on refrigerator not clean.

-Sanitizer not available for cleaning dishes and equipment (corrected).

-Establishment noted open and operating without hot water (corrected).

-Menâ??s and womenâ??s toilet room not clean.

-Floors in back storage room and kitchen not clean (corrected).

Nicks Place, 101 South Salina Street, Syracuse

-Chicken salad stored in reach-in cooler noted at 48F (corrected). Thirty dozen eggs stored in reach-in cooler noted between 49F-55F (voluntarily discarded).

-Reach-in cooler not operating properly to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45F (corrected).

-Cup used at scoop in sugar lacks handle. Ice scoop not stored on clean sanitized surface. In-use utensils stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

-Box of single service items stored on floor in hallway.

-Shelving in rear storage noted chipped and with peeling paint.

-Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

-Chute on ice machine and meat slicer not clean.

-Standing water noted on lower shelf in reach-in cooler near meat slicer. Wall grate in kitchen not clean.

-Some floor edges and walls in kitchen preparation area not clean.

Spaghetti Warehouse Italian Grill, 689 North Clinton Street, Syracuse

-Several containers of sanitizing solution stored on preparation top and next to food items on counter (corrected).

-Thousand Island, Caesar, basil pesto and ranch dressings stored in cold holding noted between 51F-57F (voluntarily discarded). Chicken breasts stored in walk-in cooler noted between 48F-49F (voluntarily discarded). Cooked chicken wings, chicken parmesan filets and cheese raviolis stored in stand up fry cooler noted between 49F-56F (voluntarily discarded).

-Double-door stand up fry cooler not operating properly to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45F (corrected).

-Mushroom/beef stuffing mix stored in hot holding noted at 105F (voluntarily discarded).

-Containers of single serve crumbly bleu cheese stored directly on uncovered shredded cheese.

-Scoop used in grated cheese stored with handle touching product (corrected). Single service container re-used as scoop in sugar, lacks handle.

-Sheet trays stored on floor.

-Double-door stand up fry cooler lacks thermometer.

-Several door gaskets on cooler at bar service area noted in poor repair. Green poly cutting board noted in poor repair.

-Bottom of plate chiller and wire shelving in lower coolers at bar not clean.

-Several keg lines, yellow plastic cart in kitchen and lower shelves of reach-in cooler not clean. Standing water noted in bottom of preparation cooler. Decorative fans over bar not clean.

Here is the list of eateries that passed weekly health inspections:

-Adesa of Syracuse 5930 Route 31 Cicero

-Alpine (The) 401 Butternut Street Syracuse

-Amber Inn 2424 Otisco Valley Road Marietta

-Barado's Cafà 9570 Brewerton Road Brewerton

-bc Restaurant 247 West Fayette Street, Suite 100 Syracuse

-Bellgrove Missionary Baptist Soup Kitchen 219 West Castle Street Syracuse

-Calcanos Tavern 136-138 North Geddes Street Syracuse

-Cerio's Tavern 1711 Grant Boulevard Syracuse

-Columbian Presbyterian Church PO Box 270 - Route 20 Lafayette

-Denny's #8131 3414 Erie Boulevard East Dewitt

-Dewitt Fish and Game Club, Inc. PO Box 21 - Woodchuck Hill Road Dewitt

-DJ's on the Hill 161-163 Marshall Street Syracuse

-Dunkin Donuts 9555 Route 11 Brewerton

-Dunkin Donuts 6438 Basile Rowe East Syracuse

-Elbridge Community Church 119 Main Street Elbridge

-Emeritus at Bellevue Manor 4330 Onondaga Boulevard Syracuse

-First Baptist Church 30 Clinton Street Jordan

-Hotel Skyler 601 South Crouse Avenue Syracuse

-India House Restaurant 720 Old Liverpool Road Liverpool

-Liberty Deli 323 Irving Avenue Syracuse

-Marietta House 2819 Marietta Road Marietta

-McDonald's Restaurant 107 7th North Street Liverpool

-Mela's Italian Ice 8205 Royal Scarlet Drive Baldwinsville

-Melting Pot (The) 306 Hiawatha Boulevard West Syracuse

-Moe's Southwest Grill 3409 Erie Boulevard East Syracuse

-Molly Magee's Pub & Grub 209 Oswego Street Liverpool

-Mom's Diner 501 Westcott Street Syracuse

-Oran Community Church 4257 Oran-Delphi Road Manlius

-Otisco Fire Department 1933 Route 80 Tully

-Otisco Lake Community Center 2223 Amber Road Marietta

-P.E.A.C.E. Senior Nutrition @ Otisco 2223 Amber Road, P.O. Box 54 Marietta

-P.E.A.C.E., Inc. Sr. Nutrition @ Toomey Abbott Tow 1207 Almond Street Syracuse

-Rain Lounge 103-105 North Geddes Street Syracuse

-Ruby Tuesday #7430 9613 Destiny USA Drive Syracuse

-St. Joseph's Church Route 20 Lafayette

-St. Mark the Evangelist Episcopal Church 1612 West Genesee Street Syracuse

-Syracuse Housing Authority Snack Bar 1207 Almond Street Syracuse

-Valley Stadium Concession Stand Amidon Drive Syracuse

-Valley Youth Football Valley Sports Complex - Clary School Syracuse

And the list of weekly abates:

-Erie Cafà 620 Erie Boulevard West Syracuse

-Barney's BBQ 12912 Timerson Road Red Creek

-Bethlehem Temple Church 4629 South Salina Street Syracuse

-Good Life Diner (The) 3600 Court Street Syracuse

-Gwen's Grill Mobile Unit 4418 South Salina Street Syracuse

-McDonald's of Cicero 5879 Route 31 Cicero

-Olives Eatery 25 Syracuse Street Baldwinsville

-Ponchito's Taqueria 3800 New Court Avenue Syracuse

-Regional Market Restaurant 2100 Park Street Syracuse

-Starbucks Coffee Company #11424 9737 Carousel Center Drive Syracuse

-Taco Bell #17483 9833 Carousel Center Syracuse

A few area favorites fail health inspections for the week of October 5-11 (2024)
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